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The Untrue History of Art

If Kenneth Clark and Gary Larson had a son, he’d probably write this book. But that never happened so I did it instead! The Untrue History of Art is an uproarious romp through art history in 125 cartoons, drawn mainly from my comic strip in The Guardian, Peter Duggan’s Artoons. It’s a bigger and better self-published update of my last book, also called Peter Duggan’s Artoons. I’m really happy with it. If you’d like to wallow in a bucket of mirth in the most cultured way possible then buy this book. It’s available from Amazon in whichever country you find yourself.

Greeting Cards

50th Birthday card



I now identify as Sandra Claus

Other occasions


Jesus on Come Dine With Me
Some very funny art prints, selected from the cartoon series Peter Duggan’s Artoons, as seen in The Guardian. Sized to fit into an A4 sized frame window. The paper size is 31 x 22 cm, with the image size approximately 28 x 18cm. Digitally printed on thick, 350gsm DCP paper.  

Art historians keep excluding the funny bits. FALSE NARRATIVE! Now rectified with these deeply insightful greeting cards and cartoons

(from the comic series “Peter Duggan’s Artoons“, as published in The Guardian).