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Roy Lichtenstein

There’s an exhibition here in London on Ice Age art at the incomparable British Museum. There was also, at the time of the cartoon’s publication, a retrospective of Roy Lichtenstein at Tate Modern. The two must have coalesced in my mind as I was trying to come up with ideas. This cartoon is obviously a take off of Lichtenstein’s “Drowning Girl“.  I have done a couple of cartoons now on Mr Licht, always avoiding the obvious dots angle. Actually if I could think of a dot joke that got more than a groan I’d be rushing to the drawing board. In this cartoon I like the thought that there could have been a “High Art” as opposed to popular culture back in cave man times. Perhaps there was. Maybe the stuff we dig up or stumble upon is just the rubbish and they made their greatest works of art out of paper.

(Yes, I know paper wasn’t invented then. It’s one of the many liberties I take – I bend logic to suit the outcome I desire. In my personal life this makes me a selfish liar and in my professional life unemployable. But it helps being funny.)

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