Peter Duggan's Artoons book

From the beloved art history comic strip Peter Duggan’s Artoons, as seen in the Guardian online. Terrifically funny and inventive, these cartoons survey the whole history of Western art. From Jesus arguing with Leonardo over seating arrangements for The Last Supper, to Antony Gormley’s attempts at flytipping, everything is revealed. You can see why Van Gogh gets on Gauguin’s tits, why Jackson Pollock’s first ceiling commission was his last, and how the hell Venus de Milo got that job as a sign language presenter.

Author’s  note : Unfortunately my book is now out of print in English. If you can get your hands on a copy good luck to you. But never fear, the rights have reverted back to me and I intend to put out a new and improved self published version in 2020.

FRANCE (in French)

“Cartoons, une histoire insolente de l’art en BD”